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Sweet Treasure Sweet corn seed

Sweet Treasure Sweet corn

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A little about this plants whakapapa,---- Corn has been a part of human life for around 10,000 yr.
The sweet type has been selected for maybe as long and appears in maize starch varieties spontaneously due to a recessive mutation that regulates conversion of sugar to starch.
Because sugar turns to starch soon after harvest open pollinated sweet selections like this one dont have the commercial shelf life of several weeks like the modern hybrid varieties and the seed is quite rare. However for home gardening they are ideal, still the real corn flavour and super sweet and crunchy if you eat it right away and the seed can be reliably saved indefinitely. A very strong growing plant in weedy soils and very stable in the wind, produces 2-3 cobs a plant, ideal for raw corn, roasted corn, corn on the cob, preserved sweetcorn etc.

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Welcome to Natural Seeding!

Avocado fruit
Natural Seeding is a kiwi business that sells fruit , seeds , seedlings and bamboo as well as sharing common sense money saving ecological ideas. We aim to encourage a way of thinking that enables us to support ourselves and at the same time not exploit finite resources.
Young tree
Young Avocado tree

This young avocado tree has been direct seeded - now its roots can grow without hindrance and do their job without any design but their own. It will eventually complete its own destiny which is to provide over a tonne of fruit annually to attract us to it and further disperse this incredible food plant. Natural seeding is about simplifying the process of growing. By copying nature, it’s easy to grow food and soil as well. It’s also possible to green up the deserts and influence the climate simply and cheaply by using natural seeding methods . Natural growing uses no chemicals including organic substitutes, and no bought in compost or mulch. Even poor land can eventually grow mighty trees in nature, this is because the trees are growing on the mulch of their predecessors and in harmony with an other organisms in the soil

Avocados are Healthy
Researchers in Japan have discovered that avocados contain potent chemicals that may reduce liver damage.

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