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alseuosmiasm.jpg This section is for articles on plant propagation, grafting, growing and harvesting. It is possible to farm the land to produce food and other produce without mining the soil. Perennial deep rooting crops like trees prevent the loss of soil and water down hill and condition and aerate the soil. In nature there is a sequence of species that eventually ends with lush terminal fruiting plants. By emulating that sequence it is possible to improve the nature of the soil for the decades ahead enabling us to grow our crops to perfection without the need for lashings of chemicals and fertiliser.
  • Avocado  ( 6 items )
    Read and contribute to our knowledge of this useful plant.
  • Bamboo  ( 18 items )
    We maintain a collection of valuable bamboos.
    Our aims are
    • To cultivate and conserve bamboo species in NZ, especially endangered species
    • To promote understanding and botanical literacy of bamboo and all plants.
    • To share knowledge and contribute to the NZ Bamboo Society.

    The first response to bamboo is often weed , but in truth even certain very aggresive running species which are a real problem on the wrong site have low weed potential. The real serious problem weeds have millions of seed annually that can disperse for miles by birds or wind, like pampas or moth plant.

    Viable bamboo seed is unusual and valuable, most species flowering cycles are so long as to be unknown - hundreds of years or more. The majority of bamboo species are endangered and no contained bamboo poses any threat whatsoever to native bush.

    Bamboo is one of the super plants of the world, no other plant is so astonishingly productive and well adpted to be useful as well as being harvestable every year with out needing to be re planted. Appropriate bamboo species provide effective nutrient stripping from effluent laden wetlands, shelter, safe nesting for birds, food, timber and many are extreamly graceful and attractive.