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Avo ripe guide
Natural ripening period is longer when the season starts and can be two weeks or more, (ethylene treatment may hasten ripening – ie storing with other fruit) as the season progresses ripening period is considerably shortened. Our fruit is always harvested and shipped immediately in the hard unripe state, this allows cost effective shipping in banana boxes and damage is usually nil.  Retailers mostly seem to display green and ripening fruit together. ImageAvocados are edible at any stage of the season however un ripe fruit are uneven ripening causing the seed to adhere to the stone and a prevalence of vascular browning, other symptoms include red colouration of peel on ripening, stringy vascular strands and fruit may shrivel as well as the eating quality being watery and inferior.

Dry matter content is the measure of fruit maturity used by the New Zealand Avocado industry. Mainly due to depositions of lipids in the oil cells dry-matter content increases as the season progress. There is a measurable relationship between dry matter content and physiological maturity and this is constant from season to season. Studies have shown considerable variability between Avocado growing regions in NZ and Fruit from Northland often ripens 4 weeks earlier than the Bay of Plenty.

Approximate Maturity Season.

Fuerte - July – August (Northland). August September (Bay of Plenty)

Hass - August to March (northland) Mid-October to May (Bay of Plenty)

Here at our Orchard we harvest only when we are sure our valued customers get a good experience. we make sure dry matter content of our fruit has exceeded the internationally approved standards which is 21% for Hass and 19% Fuerte. For Hass this is around the beginning of August for us, however we prefer to hold them back until 24% or more is reached.