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Dendrocalamus brandisii
The worlds tallest bamboo (not to be confused with the "largest" D. giganteus) 

 The thick upright culms that reach for the heavens are truly spectacular.The shoots are large and edible but only thin out those that are over crowding the clump. The 20m poles are rated with our Aussie grower friends.

Dendrocalumus brandsii
A brilliant large feature plant with the potential to provide some of the highest yields of large culms. Thick walled culms used in house construction, paper pulp, furniture etc. 

Some botanical details -

Height 10-25 m, diameter 80-120mm, internode 300-450 mm. Culm top drooping, young culm with white tomenta arranged in stripes, joint at base having air roots, a white to brown tomentose ring around and below joint; sheath caducous, reddish brown to bright yellow, its back covered with white tomenta or brown deciduous setae; sheath blade ovally lanceolate, its base circularly contracted, leaves 200-300 mm long, 20-30 mm wide, its surface wavy.