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Grow Avocado
Avocados are just about as close as you can get to a dream tree. They are the second most oil rich crop on earth after palm oil, straight off the tree they are valuable human food with their own compostable packet. There is no need for factories to process them into something edible or cool stores to keep them, as they can be picked every week of the year. Only they don’t take well to captivity and have a reputation as being difficult to grow commercially. Research is going down the path of the old school, looking for this way and that to solve problems, while totally misunderstanding the plants. The scientists propose 'how about we do this or that to improve the crop', we think 'how about we don’t'. We have found we need very few of the recommended standard practices, we say to ourselves do we really need to do this? By using common sense we have eliminated extraneous tasks and tree health is looking better than ever. Although we don’t push our trees with irrigation, fertilisers and sprays, in time, we think our methods will improve the soil to such a degree that our crops yields will rival the most highly productive orchards in the country.