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Healing with meat
C'mon? ? I hear you say ... healing with what? But in fact meat and especially organ meat is the ideal food to obtain many highly important minerals absent from a vegetarian diet and causing lower immune system function and health problems. These minerals are hard and expensive to get from any other source. Sadly, organ meat from fertilised pasture in every part of NZ has world health standard unacceptable levels of cadmium as a result of years of the application of cheap phosphate rock with a cadmium by load and 'offal' is not allowed to be exported over 18 months of age.

Not only do we feel distinctly uncomfortable with the methods of farming singled out to be cruel and unhealthy like pigs and chooks we think all farming methods lead to unhealthy food and certainly to us the product tastes like .. well nothing.. its bland..needing fancy recipes and coatings to make it tasty. 



For own own consumption there is no need for much mucking round 'keeping' (which really means you are working for) farm animals. We live on game galore living free and of the most amazing quality.  A typical bag might include pheasant, wild pig, deer, goat, rabbit, hare and dozens of pest bird species like turkey, ducks, swans ,goose and pukeko and much more. They all taste divine fresh off the hill with a plate full of fresh vege from the garden.

Happiness - my bitch with a cock in her mouth

This sort of food is simply alive with goodness.

While most of our hunting is on foot from our farmhouse back door, studies show we are still ahead if we drive quite a way to get our meat. We take full advantage of the simply absolutely super backcountry of New Zealand and the indroduction of deer to Nz, so every man could hunt on public land and live like a king. Even though we are known as conservation freaks, forever bum up with a magnifying glass debating the identity of a newly discovered botanical treasure, sadly there is not too many we can eat!

As a contribution to our stay anywhere we go, we kill out all the pests. We eat what we kill so we can live but are sad to take a life beyond that. As humans our role as head predator is being devolved by modern industry and edible pests proliferate. Myths and nonsense prevent people from eating good plentiful wild food, instead preferring to survive on plastic wrapped supermarket meat of a very narrow range of species that is supposedly safe and good.  This way of life has lead to a poor quality of man, rich in fatty assets maybe but health and longevity of the human frame lies in leanness, simplicity and the ruddy glow of hill walking. Endorphins surge while on the hunt, the natural drugs that make you healthy and horny and alive. A humbleness and sense of place are the result of success and health and happiness comes with sharing the moment with mates and the dogs as well as re telling the tale and many a fine feast to follow.�