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Argentine Ants
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This is the inside of an Argentine ants nest, magnified 5X
Looking here right at he guts of part of a huge nest inside wooden house walls. There are no queens or males in sight, (presumably off making babys) and the workers appear busy with this pile of larvae, moving them one by one to somewhere else. This ant is mobile and aggressive and will change the whole picture once established. Learn to identify this species (there are many id factors but the best is get yourself a 20x glass and basiclly its hairless on the bum) and get some poison into them. 

This is a good case to highlight how the judicious use of ant poison combined with practical observation can wipe out isolated patches completely before inaction causes a major uncontrollable problem.

Don’t get sucked in to thinking “oh well these ants here to stay”, in fact they are easy and inexpensive to treat.

Talk to us about your situation, we are able and willing to help you with this problem.

Please note our bait depicted here and recomended by us is Boric acid based.

Regular visitors to this page wil note the removal of recipies and what we have been told is the best infomation on the internet on how to get rid of your ants, stay tuned for more developments...


Little blighters getting a guts full of our BORIC based bait, magnified 10X