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What herbicide?

We advocate mechanical weed control in the first instance, eg. Dig it out.

In cases where the weed species and situation is far beyond the physical effort required, rather than feeling tired and throwing our hands up and letting an infestation get away it is often prudent to get stuck in and resort to the use of modern tools such as certain herbicides. We are not talking plants out of place here, more like really noxious weeds, plants that are exceptionally capable of spreading and smothering particularly those with plentiful windborne seed and have no trouble competing with trees. Acting now can often mean a potential problem is no problem at all.

We have had a lifetime of living with plants and most 'weeds' do not worry us but certain plants make it on to our list for our district. Most districts have a local landcare group, contact them about weeds in your area. Somtimes if seeding is imminent landcare groups may arrange to control it free for people who genuinely can’t get it together.

Our most threatening weeds are listed here with the least work method of control.

 Moth Plant - Tordon and diesel 50/50, paint around trunk, cutting is not required and sap inhibits up take.

Pampas – Glypho, no need to buy M*nsant*s product now made in NZ or Gallant in special cases

Ginger – metsulfuron don’t support Dup*nt buy kiwimade, if too difficult to dig out stems can be sniped and a small amount of dilute material sprayed on each stem. Large areas, spray foliage.

Click here for the Weed busters web site which contains some useful information on many weeds